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Asphalt Overlays and Edge Repairs

Asphalt Overlays and Edge Repairs – EZ Street is also ideal for overlay of areas of larger deterioration. No more temporary cold overlays followed by costly hot reinstatements.

Generally,overlay repairs are used to restore the surface of or add structural support to an existing pavement that is cracked or in need of additional support. Traditionally the overlay process involves temporary cold overlays followed by costly hot reinstallments. With EZ street asphalt, gone are the days of temporary overlays and costly reinstallments.

EZ Street asphalt can be utilized as permanent cracked asphalt repair material and is ideal for overlay of large deterioration. In order to maximise use life, optimum placement of a solid base is imperative and EZ street Asphalt quickens and simplifies the process altogether.

If you are interested regarding this repair services contact us today and we will be happy to help you with all your needs.

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