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Save Thousands of Dollars

EZ Street cold asphalt saves our customers many thousands of dollars by eliminating much of the operational and functional costs of laying asphalt and repairing roads.

Traditionally, hot asphalt has been the only form of asphalting recognised as permanent. Hot asphalt does have limitations; it requires expensive machinery and time expensive trips to and from the asphalt plant, not to mention plant closures and access difficulties that affect its availability.

When hot asphalt isn’t available, cold asphalt is stored and used as a temporary pavement repair. Standard cold asphalt has its own disadvantages; it has a very short shelf life, doesn’t stay in the hole, requires a tack coat, bleeds and affects the integrity of the surrounding pavement.

Eliminate the process and the cost of temporary cold asphalt patches

By using EZ Street cold asphalt, our customers eliminate the process of applying temporary cold asphalt patches. Regular cold asphalt patches are not permanent, so they need to be re-visited and reinstated with a permanent hot asphalt. This process of doubling up on material, machinery, labor, waste, and opportunity adds up to be far more costly than a one stop EZ Street solution.

Not only does the one stop method work out far cheaper, it also means that the output efficiencies of your team is dramatically enhanced.

Consider the road maintenance team who applies temporary cold asphalt then needs to re-visit the patch and reinstate with hot asphalt. Two visits for the one permanent result. Now consider the team using EZ Street cold asphalt. One visit for the one permanent result. Instead of revisiting the same pothole, the EZ Street team is off repairing a new pothole, whilst the standard cold asphalt team is back repairing the same pothole.

Finally, a financially viable solution to maintaining your roads.

*Costs represented here are an example only and may not represent your own cost structure. E&O.E

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