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EZ Street Videos

 Fulton Hogan & EZ Street

Gold Coast EZ Street Bagging Plant

Red EZ Street Asphalt

General Information

General information about EZ Street cold asphalt. Compare EZ Street cold asphalt to hot asphalt and conventional cold asphalt.

An EZ Installation

Three EZ Steps to install EZ Street cold asphalt, sweep, fill, compact!

Patch Comparison

See how EZ Street cold asphalt stacks up against conventional cold patch.

Production of EZ Street

From a production perspective, EZ Street cold asphalt relies on strict quality control mechanisms to ensure the premium blend is achieved.

EZ Street works in water!

EZ Street cold asphalt works in water, even fully submerged potholes! Hot asphalt and water just don’t mix, but EZ Street cold asphalt simply displaces the water. Patch water-filled potholes in a flash.

Cost Comparison

Learn how EZ Street can save on asphalt repair and road repair. EZ Street is permanent and eliminates the process of applying a temporary cold patch only to return and reinstate a permanent hot asphalt patch.

EZ Street in Action

EZ Street is a polymer-modified cold asphalt that is guaranteed permanent. This video will demonstrate all of the advantages of EZ Street permanent cold asphalt and compare it to hot asphalt and conventional cold asphalt. Permanent asphalt repair, works in water, no mixing or tack coat, stockpiles for months… watch the video for more…


Here what people are saying about EZ Street cold asphalt.

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