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Permanent Pothole Repair at Half the Traditional Cost

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Available for Individual and Bulk Buy

EZ Street Asphalt has revolutionized the Australian road maintenance and road repair industry over recent years by offering performance benefits which significantly increase both output capabilities and performance expectations for road maintenance and any other potholes within few minutes, Suitable for:

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We Supply Cold Mix Asphalt to Organisations and Direct Public

Whilst Previously asphalt repair had proved difficult due to the inconvenience of hot asphalt and lack of performance of cold mix, EZ street has empowered road workers across the country with a permanent pothole repair and road maintenance solution. Beneficiaries of the revolutionary asphalt are our council and road authority partners whose roads have never been in better condition; road contractors, with the massive cost benefits of EZ street; and the general public, who have far fewer potholes and traffic disruption to negotiate.

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Did You Know that EZ Street Cold Asphalt:


is a permanent pothole repair solution


is eco-friendly, manufactured using biodiesel


works in water


doesn’t require heating or primer


doesn’t bleed


sets to the surface in no time


has a 12 month shelf life


comes in 15kg & 20 kg bags, 20kg buckets and bulk

color palette

is available in black and red colour asphalt options

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use cold mix asphalt?

With EZ Street, it’s as simple as prep, fill and compact. Simply clear the area of any rubble, fill it with EZ Street, and press it down.

What is cold mix asphalt?

Cold mix asphalt is an alternative to asphalt that can be used in any weather condition and doesn’t need any heavy machinery to be installed.

What are the different types of asphalt?

While there are many types of asphalt, including hot asphalt which is messy and requires a lot of machinery and team members to install, EZ Street stands out because it can be used cold, and doesn’t require much work to install.

What is asphalt and its uses?

EZ Street is a premium, polymer-modified cold asphalt that can be used for the permanent repair of potholes, utility trenches, and edge repairs, and is also ideal for the ramping of trip hazards on roads, footpaths, around manholes, and utility service covers.

How to use EZ Street asphalt mix?

To use EZ Street Cold Asphalt, you simply need to prep the area, fill it with the cold asphalt mix and compact it.


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