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Utility Cuts

Utility Cut Repairs

The simplicity of installation of EZ Street Asphalt means that utility companies can perform permanent reinstatement work in house without the risk of failure.

Wherever you are located in Australia, we are dedicated to making utility cut repair as EZ as possible for you!

How To Cut A Trench In Asphalt

For assistance with your asphalt project, browse our free online videos available with installation tips, general information on our products and case studies.

All The Supplies You Need For Utility Cuts Repair Services

We pride ourselves on being able to support you with quick, convenient and affordable utility repair solutions.

Our cold asphalt product range is made to suit projects of all sizes to ensure that you are equipped with all the supplies you need when making utility cuts so that you can efficiently deliver your project.

Our range includes:

  • Bags – from 15kg
  • Tough 20 Buckets – from 20kg
  • Bulk & Bulk Bags – 1 Tonne
  • Bulk & Bulk Bags – Loose

To get a quote on any of our products for utility cuts, or get more information contact us today.

How Much Asphalt Do I Need?

If you’re not quite sure how much product you need for your project or what to budget, we’ve got you covered with our Utility Cut Calculator available to use for free on our website. Simply enter the dimensions of your site, and select the “Utility Cut” option out of Applications and you’ll get your answer instantly!

Our calculator can be used for other applications including pothole repair, edge repair, overlay or patch and ‘Other’ so you can always work out exactly what you need.

Order Your Supplies: Contact Us

Our cold mix asphalt is available by the bag, buckets, bulk bags or loose. Get in touch with our friendly team today to put in your order. We operate Australia-wide.

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