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Pothole Repair

EZ Street pothole repair is ideal for a simple throw-and-grow solution to potholes in all shapes and sizes. Customers can now remedy a pothole permanently before it becomes a larger structural issue with the right pothole repair products.

Whether you are a council in need of road maintenance or supplies for do-it-yourself asphalt pothole repair on your commercial or residential property you can rely on our services and products. No matter where you are located in Australia, we are dedicated to making pothole repair as EZ as possible for you at the best possible pothole repair cost!

All The Supplies You Need For Permanent Pothole Repair

We pride ourselves on being able to support you with quick, convenient and affordable pothole repair solutions for potholes improvement. Our cold asphalt product range is made to suit projects of all sizes to ensure that have everything you need for quick and convenient pothole improvement. This includes:

  • Bags – from 15kg
  • Tough 20 Buckets – from 20kg
  • Bulk & Bulk Bags – 1 Tonne
  • Bulk & Bulk Bags – Loose

Contact Us today to get a quote or get more information about our products.

Pothole Repair: The Benefits of Getting it Done!

Almost anyone who has dealt with potholes will tell you that they’re a nuisance on the road or on a driveway. Pothole repair is the obvious solution, but the cost of repairing a pothole isn’t just about the money spent on pothole repair products. You have to factor in the time it takes, the equipment and energy used and whether you are hiring someone to help. Repairing potholes should be a priority if you notice any and it’s largely to do with the fact that they can cause accidents on the road.

Calling in a pothole repair company is often the go-to for most people but it’s not the only way to do it. With the right products, you can save on the overall pothole repair cost breakdown so you know you’re choosing correctly. Commercial and residential potholes are a hazard, and if you’re dealing with these at home or at work then you need to enlist the help of specialists to tell you which pothole repair products you need to get the job done. If you’re still stuck on why, we’ve got all the reasons for you below:

  1. Enhancing Aesthetics
    One of the best reasons to invest in pothole repair is because of the way it can make your property or your business look. Does anyone want to pull up to a storefront that has potholes littering the front? Can you sell a property that clearly hasn’t invested in the right pothole repair products? Of course not!
  1. Avoiding Accidents
    You may balk over the idea of trying to budget for the pothole repair cost when you’ve seen potholes created outside, but it’s one of those things that will be a bigger issue if you leave it. Whether one is outside your business or outside your property, it’s creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians and road-users alike. The right products can fix up the problem in no time at all – you just have to make the call!
  1. Avoiding Vehicular Damage
    As well as the risk of vehicles careering off the road after hitting a pothole, you could end up damaging your own vehicle if you don’t get a pothole assessed quickly. If you’re using trucks or cars for your business, that could pose a big problem with your insurance company. The pothole repair cost is going to be significantly less than the cost of repairing the potholes in the first place.
  1. Saving Money Long-Term
    While you may have to consider the cost and add it to your budget, you will save a lot more cash over time when you engage a business with the right repair products. If you don’t get them treated, they’ll grow and cause even bigger issues later on. Sorting out pothole repair now means that you save a lot of money over time – and that’s the goal!

Do It Yourself: How To Repair it In 3 Easy Steps

Once you’ve got your cold asphalt supplies and pothole repair filler sorted, you can get to work on your repair project. Our experienced team are always happy to provide support for how to best use our products. Here are our three simple steps for DIY pothole repair.

  1. The Sweep & Clean
    Sweep out the base of the pothole of any loose debris by sweeping or raking. Ensure that no large loose rocks are present in the pothole prior to stage 2.
  1. Pothole Repair
    Fill the pothole with EZ Street Cold Asphalt Patch. Recommended compacted depth is 25 mm – 50 mm. If the area is deeper than 50 mm, compact in layers (no deeper than 50 mm per layer).
  2. Compact

The better the initial compaction, the sooner you will have total solidity. Pothole repairs, road reinstatements, asphalt overlays and driveway repairs that won’t be subject to secondary compaction should receive additional compaction at the time of installation.

We also have a lot of free online videos available with installation tips, general information on our pothole repair products and case studies.

DIY Repairing potholes has never been EZ-ier! To get started today, contact EZ Street Asphalt Australia to order your supplies.

How Much Asphalt Do I Need?

If you’re not quite sure how much product you need for your project or what to budget, we’ve got you covered with our pothole repair calculator available to use for free on our website. This will help you to accurately figure out your pothole repair cost. Simply enter the dimensions of your job site, and select the “Pothole” option out of Applications and you’ll get your answer instantly!

Do go through our case studies to have the better estimation.

Order Your Supplies: Contact Us

Our permanent pothole solutions include cold mix asphalt available by the bag, buckets, bulk bags or loose. Need help estimating your pothole repair costs? Let us know! To order, contact us today.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a pothole?

EZ Street makes fixing a pothole simple. All you need to do is Sweep/Clean, Fill and Compact.

Concrete vs Asphalt pothole repair – Which is best?

The most efficient way to fix a pothole is with EZ Street cold asphalt. It doesn’t need a team of workers to be installed, and is able to be used in any weather conditions and dries instantly.

What is the best asphalt pothole repair?

We know you’ll think EZ Street is the best asphalt pothole repair, due to its ease of use and its ability to be used in any weather conditions.

How do you fill holes in the road?

EZ Street makes it even easier to fill holes in the road, simply clean the area, fill the hole with the cold asphalt, and compact.

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