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You may think you don’t know how to repair potholes, but here at EZ Street, we have made DIY pothole repair straightforward with an easy 3 step process. You can start your pothole repair job once you have all of your pothole repair material. Here is our easy 3-Step Pothole Repair guide:

 1. The Sweep & Clean

This step may not seem that important, but we assure you it is necessary for a clean finish! Be sure to clear out any loose debris from the pothole, especially large loose rocks!

 2. Pothole Repair

Now the fun part! Using our EZ Street Asphalt Patch, fill the pothole! We recommend filling in layers of 25-50mm, so if you have a small pothole – that’s only 1 layer!

 3. The Sweep & Clean

Looking for total solidity? Make sure that the initial compaction is as good as possible! Speak to us today with any questions on our pothole repair service.

Our affordable pothole repair services and materials make the cost of pothole repair the least of your concerns. The cost of pothole repair varies based on the amount of pothole repair material you purchase. At EZ Street we offer a range of individual and bulk options for any type of pothole patching project: 

  • Bags – from 15kg
  • Tough 20 Buckets – from 20kg
  • Bulk & Bulk Bags – 1 Tonne
  • Bulk & Bulk Bags – Loose

Fill out our online order form, noting how much asphalt you wish to purchase and we will get in touch with a quote! Alternatively, call us today on 1300 519 398 to speak to our wonderful team of pothole repair experts!


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