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Kerb and Channels

Kerb and Channels

Concrete crews can easily apply the permanent asphalt, following work done on repairs to the gutters and kerbs. Kerb and channel contractors will love EZ Street. Simple to use, permanent asphalt makes repairs to kerbs and channels easier than ever.

EZ street makes kerb repairs simple, wherever you need them. In three steps, EZ Street can help you permanently repair and maintain kerbs and channels. Simply sweep to remove debris, fill the pothole with EZ Street cold asphalt (for holes deeper than 4”, compact material in 2” layers.) and then compact, with a shovel, tamper or vehicle to just over the level of the existing pavement, and it’s done.

We have a range of videos and information on our website to help you achieve brilliant results with EZ Street Asphalt.

Used worldwide, EZ Street is changing the way that kerbs and channels are repaired. EZ Street gives the flexibility for as much to be used as needed, when needed. Able to be stockpiled for up to six months, there is no wait time for road crews and a hot mix plant.

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