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Cold mix asphalt supplierBlog

Is An Asphalt Patch The Right Solution?

So there are cracks in your driveway or a pothole on your property and you’ve heard about something called “asphalt patch” but are unsure if it's the way to go. Rest assured, you’re in the right place, doing your reading is going to make this whole process a lot smoother…
May 6, 2022
pothole repairBlog

Cold Asphalt – A Durable and Easy Solution to Fix a Pothole

Stressed out about a pothole on your property? There’s no need to be. A quick and easy solution when it comes to pothole repair that you can do yourself is cold asphalt. Here’s what you need to know about this handy pothole repair material. What Is Cold Asphalt? As its…
April 13, 2022

Australian Naval Infrastructure – Osbourne Naval Shipyard – Ezstreet Repair

Established in 2017, Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd (ANI) is a Government Business Enterprise (GBE). ANI’s joint shareholders are the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Defence. ANI’s primary function is to support the Commonwealth’s continuous naval shipbuilding program by being the owner, developer and manager of infrastructure and…
April 6, 2022
EZ-Street- AsphaltBlog

How Quick is EZ Street Asphalt?

Damaged asphalt and potholes are serious safety hazards, not just to vehicles but also to people and even pets who walk over the area. So if you’re dealing with this kind of damage to your driveway or property, it makes sense you’re going to want to get it fixed as…
March 15, 2022
Asphalt repairBlog

Act Early – The Best Way to Prevent Bigger Issues

If there’s a pothole in your driveway or any other kind of asphalt damage on your property, it’s important that you take action to fix it as soon as possible. Here’s why: It is a safety hazard The obvious problem is that cracks, a pothole or any other damage to…
Boris Maita
February 7, 2022
Cold or Hot AsphaltBlog

Cold or Hot Asphalt – When to Use What

If you’ve got a project on your hands that involves paving or using asphalt, you are going to want to be clear about the differences between hot and cold. Here’s what you need to know. Hot Asphalt: What Makes It Unique Hot asphalt is a mixture of materials such as…
Boris Maita
January 10, 2022
Pothole ProblemsBlog

News: Victoria’s Pothole Problems in 2021 (210,000 and Counting!)

Over the past year, 210,000 pothole problems have been reported and repaired in Victoria. As difficult as it is that potholes have become so prominent on Victorian roads, there have also been complaints about Pothole Problems and many pothole repairs only lasted months before the holes re-opened. The above-average rainfall…
Boris Maita
December 17, 2021