Cold Asphalt – A Durable and Easy Solution to Fix a Pothole

pothole repair

Stressed out about a pothole on your property? There’s no need to be. A quick and easy solution when it comes to pothole repair that you can do yourself is cold asphalt. Here’s what you need to know about this handy pothole repair material.

What Is Cold Asphalt?

As its name implies, cold asphalt requires no pre-heating time or waiting time for it to cool down after application. This is what makes it the ideal choice for repair work, with pothole repair being one of its most common applications.

The 3 Major Benefits of Cold Asphalt For Pothole Repair

Now, let’s get into all the brilliant benefits of using cold asphalt for pothole repair.

1. Affordable and Cost-Effective

Cold mix asphalt is a much more affordable option than alternatives but its quality is certainly not cheap. What makes it so cost-effective is that it can be purchased in small quantities, you can purchase the amount that you need. So, instead of buying in bulk by the ton, you can get your cold asphalt by the bucket or the bag – as small as 15kg. You can’t do that with hot asphalt!


Image: Small 15kg bag of cold asphalt from EZ Street

2. Quick

For obvious reasons, you don’t want to waste any time when you’re trying to fix a pothole in your driveway or any other high-traffic area around your property. Cold asphalt fulfills the need for a speedy repair because it does not require any heating or cool-down time.
It also helps that it can be purchased in smaller amounts. You can easily carry it to your site solo without having to spend extra time organising transport and assistance!


Since it can be used quite easily across different projects, cold mix asphalt is extremely versatile. If you do end up with any leftovers from repairing a pothole, you can save it for later use on a different project. Its cool temperature means it can also be used in winter or cooler months without a hassle, making it perfect for use all year round.

How To Use Cold Asphalt for DIY Pothole Repair

Video: 3 Easy Steps of DIY Asphalt Pothole Repair

  • Step 1. Sweep/Clean
  • Sweep out the base of the pothole, clearing any loose debris by sweeping or raking. Ensure that no large loose rocks are present in the pothole prior to step 2.

  • Step 2. Fill
  • Fill the pothole with EZ Street Cold Asphalt Patch. Recommended compacted depth is 25 mm – 50 mm. If the area is deeper than 50 mm, compact in layers (no deeper than 50 mm per layer).

  • Step 3. Compact
  • The better the initial compaction, the sooner you will have total solidity. Pothole repairs, road reinstatements, asphalt overlays and driveway repairs that won’t be subject to secondary compaction should receive additional compaction at the time of installation.

  • *Optional* Step 4.
  • Feel free to throw sand over the pothole patch if you like however this is not necessary. If the pothole patch is prepared and installed correctly, it will not pick up on feet and tyres.

    Where Can I Get Supplies For Pothole Repair Near Me?


    No matter where you are based, you can rely on EZ Street for Australia-wide permanent pothole solutions and high quality products. To learn more information about cold asphalt, or to order your supplies, contact the team at EZ Street today, we’re always happy to help!

Our Products

15 kg bag – 135299

The perfect quick grab solution. Its re-sealable top is an industry first and ensures zero waste. Perfect for small pothole repair and driveway repair jobs.

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Tough 20 bucket | 20 kg – 128168

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Bulk & bulk bags | 128170 / 128171

Available in either 1 Tonne bulk bags or loose bulk asphalt stockpile, you can minimise your costs by purchasing EZ Street cold asphalt in this form.