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 Asphalt Driveway

Driveway cracks not only look unsightly but can cause some stress when it comes to repairing options. If you’ve been searching for an “easy driveway repair” then you’re in the right place! EZ Street has revolutionized the Australian road maintenance and repair industry, by offering cold asphalt.

EZ Street Asphalt makes it easy for you to do the work yourself; pothole repair, road reinstatements, asphalt overlays, and driveway repairs… Pavement maintenance has never been this easy. EZ Street allows you to complete an asphalt driveway repair in 3 easy steps.

1. Sweep/Clean the area: Sweep the crack to ensure that it is clear of any debris and lose rocks.

2. Fill: Fill the pothole with EZ Street Cold Asphalt Patch. Recommended compacted depth is 25mm-50mm. If the area is deeper than 50mm, the company in layers that are no deeper than 50mm per layer.

3. Compact: The better the initial compaction, the sooner you will have solidity. If prepared and installed correctly, it will not stick to shoes and tires.

 Asphalt Driveway

More reasons to love EZ Street:


  • Permanent pothole repair solution
  • Eco-friendly, manufactured using biodiesel
  • Works in water
  • Doesn’t require heating or primer
  • Doesn’t bleed
  • Sets to the surface quickly
  • Has a 12-month shelf life (so you can store what you don’t use for next time, making the asphalt cost more sustainable)
  • Comes in 15kg & 20kg bags, and 20kg buckets and bulk. 
  • Is available in black and red color asphalt options

If you have a driveway crack or a pothole that you need to fix, give EZ Street cold asphalt a try. You can contact us for more information, and to find out how EZ Street can make your life easy.

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