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Ever wonder why we call ourselves EZ Street Asphalt? True, to choose our asphalt is to take a stride down Easy Street—and that’s a convenient bonus—but that’s not the true meaning behind our name. We’ve named our brand in honour of our cold asphalt, with which you can create a street in the easiest way possible. Our product is a surefire way to an easy—or should we say EZay?—street!

You heard that correctly—we specialise in cold asphalt. Unlike traditional asphalt, which is a literal hot mess, our asphalt works as-is. Read on to learn how pothole or concrete driveway repair can be done EZay with an asphalt mix best served cold.

Why cold asphalt is better

Unlike hot asphalt, our cold mix produces minimal mess and is easy to use. In fact, it’s simple enough that anyone could do it, and we love to empower our customers with the magic of DIY asphalt driveway repairs. If that last sentence filled you with a silent sense of dread, fear not. You don’t need to be a laborer to use our product. In fact, it’s EZay!EZ Street Asphalt

Repairing your driveway the EZay way

To use our cold asphalt, there are only three simple steps. Check them out:

  1. Sweep the surface of your pothole to ensure you won’t compact debris or any other unwelcome ‘floaties’ into your asphalt driveway.
  2. Pour a generous layer of asphalt straight from the bag (or bucket) into your driveway’s affected area. No need to heat it up!
  3. Use a hand tamper to compact the asphalt into the hole.

And you’re done!

It gets better

The benefits of our cold asphalt don’t stop there. Whilst hot asphalt will take time to dry, cold asphalt needs very little downtime. You can start using your driveway or your road almost immediately after you’ve repaired or layed it. This is why EZ Street Asphalt is the best choice if you want faster turnaround times.

Not only that, but our product has a 12-month shelf life. So if you’ve ordered a little too much, never fear. You can always store the excess and use it whenever you need to over the coming year.

EZ Street Asphalt

Finally, EZ Street Asphalt is easy to buy. Our affordable asphalt driveways costs will vary depending on whether you buy a 15kg bag, a 20kg bag or bucket, or in bulk. These individual and bulk-purchasing opportunities mean you can use our product for anything from DIY driveway repair to industrial-scale projects.

Let’s load you up the EZay way

There’s no need to Google ‘asphalt driveways near me—with EZ Street Asphalt, you needn’t look further than just beyond your front door. No matter where you live, we can bring our product to you. Even if you live in a remote area, it can smoothen your roads or driveways in no time.

EZ Street Asphalt

DIY pothole repair has never been easier. Follow us on LinkedIn for further information. Alternatively, if you’re already sold on our cold asphalt, you can call us on 0429 027 482 or order your preferred portion online here. Pour and compact our product into any pothole and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. You’ll be totally hot for our stone-cold asphalt in no time!

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