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Over the past year, 210,000 pothole problems have been reported and repaired in Victoria.

As difficult as it is that potholes have become so prominent on Victorian roads, there have also been complaints about Pothole Problems and many pothole repairs only lasted months before the holes re-opened.

The above-average rainfall makes it challenging to properly fix road potholes so that they last, Regional Roads Victoria said to 3AW. “A stretch of warmer weather is needed to do more permanent fixing”.
Potholes are usually the result of moisture that seeps through the top layer of asphalt and into the foundations.

So, during wet weather conditions potholes and similar problems are more likely to occur or worsen if they have been present for a while.

Unfortunately, with La Niña declared for Australia’s winter, it’s most likely that we’ll be getting a lot more wet weather and flooding. So make sure to look out for potholes and damage on asphalt roads and driveways.

What Should I Do About Pothole Problems On My Property?

If you are worried about pothole problems and in need of permanent pothole solutions because you’ve come across a pothole in your driveway or elsewhere around your home or business, an asphalt pothole repair professional can help you.

EZ Street Asphalt: Pothole Repair and Cold Mix Asphalt Suppliers

EZ Street Asphalt is a renowned pothole repair company that operates Australia-wide. Using only high-quality pothole repair material and excellent service, EZ Street provides safe and reliable road maintenance and permanently fix potholes.

If you are interested in purchasing cold asphalt and have any questions regarding asphalt cold patches including cold mix asphalt price per tonne, contact us today and we will be happy to help you with all your asphalt needs.

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