Say Goodbye to Potholes with EZ Street Asphalt: Your Solution for Smooth Roads!

Potholes are a headache for drivers and pedestrians alike, causing damage to vehicles and posing safety risks. But fear not, because EZ Street Asphalt is here to provide a reliable and convenient solution! As a leading asphalt supplier, EZ Street Asphalt offers high-quality cold asphalt premix that is easy to use, durable, and readily available. In this blog, we’ll explore the causes and risks of potholes and why EZ Street Asphalt is your go-to solution for smooth roads without the pothole hassle.


The Road Menace: Causes of Potholes

From freezing temperatures to heavy traffic, various factors contribute to the formation of potholes. The freeze-thaw cycle in colder climates can cause water to seep into cracks in the road surface, leading to pavement expansion and cracks that result in potholes. Wear and tear from constant traffic, along with weather effects, can also cause roads to deteriorate and develop cracks that eventually lead to potholes.

Risky Roads: Hazards and Damages Caused by Potholes

Potholes pose safety risks and can damage vehicles, leading to costly repairs. Drivers may swerve to avoid potholes or lose control of their vehicles, resulting in accidents. Pedestrians and cyclists are also at risk of injury when navigating around potholes. Additionally, the damage caused by potholes, such as flat tires, bent rims, and suspension damage, can lead to financial burdens for vehicle owners.

EZ Street Asphalt: Your Reliable Solution for Smooth Roads

EZ Street Asphalt offers a hassle-free solution for potholes that saves time and money. As a trusted asphalt supplier, EZ Street Asphalt provides high-quality cold asphalt premix that is designed for easy application and durability. Unlike traditional hot mix asphalt, EZ Street Asphalt can be applied with basic hand tools, making it convenient for small repairs or DIY projects.

EZ Street Asphalt’s unique polymer-modified formula ensures a strong bond with the existing pavement, creating a long-lasting and durable repair that can withstand heavy traffic and resist cracking. It is also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for repairs in all climates. With a shelf life of up to one year, EZ Street Asphalt can be stored and used as needed, reducing waste and ensuring a reliable supply for road repairs.

Stop googling ‘asphalt suppliers near me’, and say goodbye to pothole headaches with EZ Street Asphalt! As a reputable cold asphalt premix supplier, EZ Street Asphalt offers a reliable, durable, and convenient solution for potholes. With its easy-to-use cold asphalt premix and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, EZ Street Asphalt is your go-to choice for smooth roads without the hassle of potholes. Contact your nearest asphalt supplier to learn more about EZ Street Asphalt and make your road repairs a breeze!

Our Products

15 kg bag – 135299

The perfect quick grab solution. Its re-sealable top is an industry first and ensures zero waste. Perfect for small pothole repair and driveway repair jobs.

20 kg bag – 135302

Ideal for those pothole repair jobs that you don’t want to be left short on. Show us how tough you are… Try the 20 kg. An excellent pothole repair solution.

Tough 20 bucket | 20 kg – 128168

Is chock full of premium blend EZ Street cold asphalt. Simplify your handling, re-seal unused material and have a pothole free day.

Bulk & bulk bags | 128170 / 128171

Available in either 1 Tonne bulk bags or loose bulk asphalt stockpile, you can minimise your costs by purchasing EZ Street cold asphalt in this form.