Road Gang Shoulder Repair, Perth, WA

This Fulton Hogan road gang is working with 22 kg bags of EZ Street cold asphalt to repair potholes and the shoulder of a road in Perth. Fulton Hogan likes EZ Street for so many reasons. Chief among them is that it’s so fast and easy. Just sweep out the hole, pour the product into the hole, compact it, and it’s done.

Wet weather and a pothole full of water? No matter. They just drop the asphalt into the hole and compact it. EZ Street asphalt displaces water. And since it’s not a hot mix, it’s safer to use. Moreover, the bagged product is as convenient as can be. Not to mention that the repair is guaranteed permanent. EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.

Our Products

15 kg bag – 135299

The perfect quick grab solution. Its re-sealable top is an industry first and ensures zero waste. Perfect for small pothole repair and driveway repair jobs.

20 kg bag – 135302

Ideal for those pothole repair jobs that you don’t want to be left short on. Show us how tough you are… Try the 20 kg. An excellent pothole repair solution.

Tough 20 bucket | 20 kg – 128168

Is chock full of premium blend EZ Street cold asphalt. Simplify your handling, re-seal unused material and have a pothole free day.

Bulk & bulk bags | 128170 / 128171

Available in either 1 Tonne bulk bags or loose bulk asphalt stockpile, you can minimise your costs by purchasing EZ Street cold asphalt in this form.