How Does Cold Asphalt Work?

Cold asphalt: it can be a puzzling concept for EZ Street newbies. For so long, many of us have considered heating an integral part of the asphalt-laying process. And yet, in spite of this, EZ Street has concocted a cold-mix asphalt suitable for large-scale and DIY projects alike. So, how does it work? Is it really as good as it sounds? For all the answers and more, you’ll have to keep reading…

Coldpatch asphalt versus hot asphalt

Why is cold asphalt so much better than hot asphalt? Because you skip the whole heating process. Cold-patch asphalt repair is a simple three-step process:

  1. Sweep all debris from the patch or pothole you wish to fill
  2. Fill the patch or hole with the cold, pre-mixed asphalt
  3. Compact the asphalt down. It should set almost instantly! 

Because you’re skipping the heating process, cold asphalt becomes the clear choice in terms of time efficiency. Moreover, eliminating the heating process renders heating equipment moot, making cold asphalt the most cost-effective choice, as well. 


Cold asphalt is also a win for the environment. Operating at lower temperatures helps to reduce airborne and fume emissions—not to mention your energy bill. Purchase EZ Street Asphalt in bulk and you can store any leftovers for your next project! How long does cold-patch asphalt last? EZ Street Asphalt has a shelf life of 12 months.

Other perks

But wait—there’s more! Because cold asphalt sets so quickly, it’s basically an antidote for traffic congestion. The faster you fix a pothole, the faster traffic can resume regular operations. Eliminating congestion in a shorter turnaround time saves time for all involved. It’s also a whole lot easier on the environment!

Can you use cold asphalt on your driveway?

Absolutely! In fact, most EZ Street DIY’ers use our asphalt for this purpose. Whether you’re filling a minor pothole or creating a street the EZ way, EZ Street Asphalt is up for the task.

cold asphalt on your driveway

Setting things in stone

Now that you know how to use cold-patch asphalt, we’re hoping you’re as sold on the idea as we are. If you’re looking to purchase some cold-mix asphalt, look no further than our website. No need to Google ‘cold-mix asphalt near me’—for one thing, you’ve already stumbled upon a goldmine of cold asphalt. For another, it doesn’t matter if we’re ‘near you or not. We deliver Australia-wide! So, what are you waiting for? Order your EZ Street Asphalt today and get to work the EZ way!

Our Products

15 kg bag – 135299

The perfect quick grab solution. Its re-sealable top is an industry first and ensures zero waste. Perfect for small pothole repair and driveway repair jobs.

20 kg bag – 135302

Ideal for those pothole repair jobs that you don’t want to be left short on. Show us how tough you are… Try the 20 kg. An excellent pothole repair solution.

Tough 20 bucket | 20 kg – 128168

Is chock full of premium blend EZ Street cold asphalt. Simplify your handling, re-seal unused material and have a pothole free day.

Bulk & bulk bags | 128170 / 128171

Available in either 1 Tonne bulk bags or loose bulk asphalt stockpile, you can minimise your costs by purchasing EZ Street cold asphalt in this form.