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Location: Lamington National Park, O’Reilly’s Retreat, May 2019

Scope: 600m Long, 1.5m wide,30mm depth, Reconstruct and re-lay, hand laid and compacted.

Challenges: No truck access, weight limits on product delivery, no hot Asphalt delivery capacity

Fulton Hogan’s recent refurbishment of the popular pathway to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in Queensland’s Lamington National Park, presented some unique challenges in a gorgeous but remote location and showcased the versatility of our EZ Street cold mix asphalt.

Fulton Hogan had successfully used EZ Street Ashpalt to lay a path in Lamington National Park two years earlier, which prompted our client, EnProCon, to ask us to assist with the reconstruction and re-laying of another 600 metre long, 1.5m wide section of path.

Given the site didn’t allow truck access at all and required strict weight limits on product delivery, hot asphalt wasn’t an option for this project. Instead, EZ Street was hand laid to a depth of 30mm and compacted using a plate compactor. The result was an outstanding surface that blended in perfectly with the natural stone edging and the beautiful tropical environment and maintained the path’s Class 2 walking track status.

Queensland’s wet season brings with it some unique challenges to the maintenance of paved surfaces, and that’s exactly where EZ Street premium cold mix asphalt can help. EZ Street can be laid in the wet and still provide a guaranteed permanent patch for potholes. It’s also a great choice for remote locations where hot mix asphalt simply can’t be used, which is exactly why EZ Street was chosen by EnProCon

To find out more about EZ Street Asphalt, which is exclusively licensed by Fulton Hogan in Australia head to our website or click the link to order your EZ Street Asphalt today.

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