Sydney Asphalt Patch

This small asphalt patch was a field test performed by the North Sydney Council in 2005. First, damage pavement was removed from the road using a pneumatic jackhammer. Once all the loose debris had been removed, EZ Street cold asphalt was shoveled from the back of the Council truck into the patch area to be repaired. An asphalt lute was then used to level the asphalt and prepare it for compaction. In this asphalt repair, the EZ Street cold patch was installed in 25-50 mm lifts. A plate compactor was used in between each lift to compact the cold asphalt. Because the asphalt repair is instantly ready for traffic with EZ Street cold mix, crew members parked a car in the center of the patch immediately after final compaction, as you can see at the end of the video.

Our Products

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