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Fulton Hogan & EZ Street

EZ Street was founded in Miami, Florida in 1995 by brothers Lars and Dag Seagren. They identified that maintenance on state roads was extremely inefficient with the accessibility problems of hot mix and the performance problems of cold mix. They decided that by applying permanent properties to cold asphalt, State roads departments could in many cases eliminate the process of laying temporary cold patches and subsequent costly follow up reinstatement with hot asphalt.

And so began EZ Street. Twelve years on and with State departments using this industry changing blend, EZ Street took the journey down under. Now used by Councils from the far Northern Aboriginal shires of Queensland, Main Roads, the Road Traffic Authority and VIC Roads of the east coast, right the way over to a huge chunk of WA councils and back up to the Northern Territory, EZ Street has left its permanent imprint all over this great southern land.

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