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Road Maintenance / Council

Road Maintenance and Repairs

EZ Street cold asphalt is the ideal solution in routine road repair and road maintenance both in metro and regional areas. Its ability to provide a permanent pothole repair solution ensures that the government roads are kept in top nick and also protects residual areas from further break up and deterioration.

Councils and road maintenance contractors can also eliminate wet weather downtime by empowering personal with a cold asphalt material that will set permanently even in wet areas. Patch water filled potholes with permanent EZ Street cold patch.

Best of all, the residents will love it as EZ Street cold asphalt enables minimal time on the job via it’s simple, ‘throw, compact and go’ pothole repair application.

Material waste along with OH & S handling claims will be down due to the extended shelf / stockpile life and the raft of form options.

EZ Street is the perfect solution for

Pothole Repair

Utility Cuts

Overlays & Edge Repairs

Bridge Work

Driveway Repair

Trip Hazard

Trench Reinstatements

Kerb and Channels

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