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Sydney’s #1 Asphalt Supplier

Road Maintenance – Council – DIY

Revolutionary Asphalt Products

EZ Street is changing the way asphalt repairs are performed, enabling cheaper – and faster – repairs than ever before.

Our ready-to-use asphalt products are helping operators in Sydney with:

  • Potholes
  • Utility Cuts
  • Overlays
  • Bridge Work
  • Driveway Repair
  • Trip Hazard
  • Trench Reinstatements
  • Kerb and Channels
  • Footpaths

And more.

All without the need for costly machinery, with repairs complete in a single visit.

EZ Street Asphalt Repair Products

All our asphalt products are available in Sydney suburbs and surrounds for individual purchase and bulk buy:

15 kg bag

15 kg bag – 135299

Red | 15 kg bag – 135305

The perfect quick grab solution. Its re-sealable top is an industry first and ensures zero waste. Perfect for small pothole repair and driveway repair jobs.
Coverage: 0.25 sqm / 25 mm

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20 kg bag

20 kg bag – 135302

Red | 20 kg bag – 135306

Ideal for those pothole repair jobs that you don’t want to be left short on. Show us how tough you are… Try the 20 kg. An excellent pothole repair solution.
Coverage: 0.30 sqm / 25 mm

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20 bucket | 20 kg

Tough 20 bucket | 20 kg – 128168

Red | Tough 20 bucket | 20 kg – 132136

Is chock full of premium blend EZ Street cold asphalt. Simplify your handling, re-seal unused material and have a pothole free day. Coverage 0.30 sqm / 25 mm

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Bulk & bulk bags

Bulk & bulk bags | 128170 / 128171

Red | Bulk & bulk bags | 132135 / 132138

Available in either 1 Tonne bulk bags or loose bulk asphalt stockpile, you can minimise your costs by purchasing EZ Street cold asphalt in this form.

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Hassle-Free Delivery

We deliver our asphalt products all over Sydney each and every day, to councils, road maintenance crews, and individuals for DIY repairs too.

Simply place an order – by phone or online – and we’ll take the stress out of delivery for you.

Order Online Here.

EZ Street Asphalt – Changing Things For The Better

Our asphalt products are saving people time and money every day, but that’s not all, our products are changing the industry in so many other ways too:

Works In Water

Ez Street Asphalt products work in water – so whether it’s rain, hail, or shine, jobs can be completed without a hitch.

Eco Friendly Production

Unlike other big name asphalt suppliers, our products are manufactured using biodiesel. Forward thinking, doing our bit to reduce our impact on the environment.

No Heating Or Primer Needed

EZ Street Asphalt products are ready to go, right out of the bag – with not heating or primer needed whatsoever.

Permanent Pothole Repair

EZ Street ready-to-use asphalt products are a one-stop permanent pothole repair solution. Fix once, never again.

Fast Setting

Our products set to the surface fast. Repairs and complete, and ready to use in no time.

12 Month Shelf Life

If you over order, or get delayed on a job, you can have peace of mind that all our ready to go asphalt products have a 12 month shelf life.

How EZ Street Asphalt Saves You Money

EZ Street is changing the way asphalt repairs are performed, saving people time and money for all jobs – big and small.

Here’s how:

Machinery Costs

EZ Streets ready to use products require minimal machinery, reducing costs dramatically when compared to cold patching and hot reinstatement methods.

Labour Costs

With EZ Streets one-stop repair solution repairs are complete in a single visit, halving the labour costs of two-stage (cold>hot) asphalt repair work.

Material Costs

EZ Street’s upfront material costs may be slightly higher than their raw material counterparts, however the small additional material costs are dwarfed by the labour and machinery savings on even the smallest of jobs.

Productivity And Performance

You don’t just save money by using EZ Street products, you gain in productivity and performance too:
Our products are ready-to-go right out of the bag.

Fix Once, Never Again

Asphalt repairs with EZ Street products are permanent. No need for re-application or maintenance, ever.

Traffic Disruption

Half the impact on traffic disruption with a single visit repair solution.

Order Asphalt Supplies

We service all Sydney suburbs and surrounds daily.

Ordering is easy: simply browse our asphalt products online here, or get in touch with our sales team over the phone and we’ll be able to help.

Order Volume Calculator

Not sure how much to order for the job at hand?

Simply, use our free repair job calculator for accurate order amounts.

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