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Product Benefits

The EZ Street Advantage

Permanent Cold Asphalt Pothole Repair

EZ Street’s unique polymer modification and revolutionary production design enables EZ Street cold patch asphalt to perform long term, much in the same way you could expect a hot asphalt to.

EZ Street cold asphalt pothole patch will seal off and cut in to the edge of the pavement protecting the surrounding areas from any further cracking or breakup. EZ Street cold asphalt has proven to be the equal of hot asphalt in the key areas of stability, rutting, stripping and permeability.

EZ Street cold asphalt is so strong that it is even used on international airport runways!

EZ Street Works in Water

EZ Street cold patch is a unique cold asphalt that will hold up as a permanent road patch and pothole repair even when water is present in the pothole. On compaction, the water will be displaced from the pothole until eventually all liquid is drawn from the pothole patch. EZ Street cold asphalt will still seal off as a permanent road repair, pothole repair or driveway repair just as it would in dry areas.

EZ Street Cold Asphalt Product Benefits

No Primer Required

Gone are the days of applying sticky and costly tack coats. EZ Street cold patch asphalt has a built in primer which means the mix is 100% ready to go when you purchase it. Simply compact the cold mix asphalt to a firm base and EZ Street cold asphalt will do all the bonding work for you. The application of either hot or cold asphalt has never been this simple.

EZ Street Cold Asphalt Doesn’t Bleed

Traditionally in cold asphalt, the bitumen content would rise to the top of the patch creating a dangerous shiny surface that needs to be removed prior to any future asphalt overlays. EZ Street’s design has eliminated this from occurring. There is no need to remove shiny surfaces from EZ Street patch repairs prior to an asphalt overlay.

Saves Customers Thousands on pothole repair, road reinstatements, asphalt overlays and driveway repairs

Eliminate the process of laying temporary pothole patches. Minimise the time spent on pothole repair via the ease of use and ability to be trafficked immediately. Minimise the waste components of hot asphalt and cold asphalt use. Minimise O/H & S claims from fume and handling damage. Eliminating the process of removing cold patches prior to an asphalt overlay. Minimising operational downtime during wet weather. EZ Street cold asphalt makes permanent pothole repair possible in water filled potholes.

Comes in 15 kg & 20 kg bags, 20 kg buckets and bulk asphalt

EZ Street cold asphalt is unrivalled in the forms in which the market can receive it. Revolutionary re-sealable bags, Tough 20 kg buckets, large 1 Tonne bulk sacks or loose bulk asphalt. EZ Street cold patch asphalt comes in all shapes and sizes with no impact on its renowned premium performance benefits.

Asphalt repair and pothole repair open to traffic immediately

Following the compaction of EZ Street cold asphalt patch, you will realise the quickest curing time by opening EZ Street cold asphalt to traffic immediately. EZ Street cold asphalt is designed to set on compaction. Therefore, unlike other cold asphalts that will dip or pop out when opened to traffic, EZ Street cold patch asphalt will set up much quicker due to the secondary compaction it receives, without the risk of failure. This means disruption to traffic due to road repairs and pothole repairs is kept to a minimum.

12 month shelf life

Cold asphalt has been synonymous with rock hard chunks of black stone for many decades now. EZ Street’s design enables the cold mix to remain extremely pliable even in the cold winter months. This enables asphalt repair workers and road repair contractor to simply apply the blend to a trouble area, compact, then move onto the next pothole repair job having applied minimal effort for a permanent pothole repair.

Gold Coast Bagging Plant

For over 80 years, Fulton Hogan has been helping Australia and New Zealand have better, safer roads. That continues with this new EZ Street asphalt bagging plant in Gold Coast, Queensland. They’re cranking out bags of EZ Street asphalt for fast, easy, guaranteed-permanent repairs to potholes, shoulders, trenches—any repair where you’d use traditional asphalt.

But EZ Street asphalt is faster and easier. Just sweep out of hole, throw the product into the hole and compact it. Done. And the repair is permanent—which can cut labor costs by up to 50%. The job needs to be done only once. The bags can also be stored for up to a year and still remain workable. And the product it even works in water.

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